What our students and their parents are saying about FIMA:

About our childrens' martial arts classes:

"Sensei Rich Faustini has been the BEST thing that has ever happened to our children!!! Like every parent we wanted our kids to be able to defend themselves and to carry themselves with confidence. We brought our three young boys to FIMA with the intention of them learning just that. Boy were we way off!! Sensei Rich goes above and beyond what we ever expected. Each session is not just martial arts training, but a lesson in integrity, discipline, honesty, leadership, goals, independence, accountability, pride, confidence, determination.... and on and on.  He's an amazing teacher backed by a staff of well qualified instructors. His lessons are spot on with our own personal principals and standards. Hearing those lessons from someone other than your parents resonates loudly in the mind of a child. When our boys get into trouble, as little boys always do, we now ask them "what would Sensei tell you right now?" Works every time!
My wife takes the adult boot camp fitness classes, and I take what I call a "street" self defense class (technically called Adult Open Martial Arts class) once a week for about an hour, that teaches you the basics of how to defend yourself if confronted on the street, etc. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that class. I work in NYC every day and who amongst you hasn't ever worried about walking around alone in that city? This is the class for that.
All in all, Faustini's gets the highest rating possible.  5 stars!!!!!"

-- Paul T. Oradell, NJ

About our adult martial arts program:

"I would say the main reason I train at Faustinis (going on 17 years now) is because I wanted to learn from a seasoned and experienced professional who understands the most useful aspects of the various martial arts available and their realistic and practical application in real world situations as well as one who has a proven track record. While I appreciate the artistic aspects of the martial arts, I feel that when you train with Sensei Faustini you are given real tools that may one day save your life or those of a loved one. At Faustinis you don't just learn forms, styles and receive a belt, you leave each class with something much more valuable, purposeful knowledge. The program at Faustinis is dynamic and adaptive to many situations and individual ability. He emphasizes fluidity, motion and self-control as well as the emotional and legal aspects of a confrontation. When it comes to self-knowledge and personal development, Sensei Faustini is never, ever complacent, he continues to evolve and develop himself as well as the program at Faustinis, which he shares with each one of his students. Sensei Faustini is a true family man and you can tell he is extremely passionate about protecting the individual and the family unit from the atrocities in this world. "

-- Warren M. Haworth, NJ

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