Children's Leadership Program at FIMA

character development and leadership skillsWe all realize a positive academic education is extremely important for our children. However, most of the time it is our intrinsic value (that which you cannot see or measure) that is of even greater importance. What we “bring to the table of life” is just as crucial as our educational background. But children also need to develop the personality assets that will make them strong individuals. That is the goal and purpose of the FIMA Leadership Program.

The FIMA Leadership Program is a vehicle for promoting leadership skills, character development and overall positive social values. Through this program, FIMA will help to develop tomorrow’s leaders by instilling in them the necessary personality traits that are inclusive of all strong leaders. Ultimately, the FIMA Leadership Program will strengthen your child’s future by giving them the tools they need to lead in the real world.

We hear hundreds of stories from past student that the Leadership Training which they participated in, has lead them to attaining the goals we set together years earlier, and that our students are living the life that they so desire!

An important aspect of our Leadership Training involves older student’s assistant instructing one-time per month. This allows them to act as a positive role models for our younger students and practice their Personal Leadership Skills. This includes learning how to instruct special needs children.

All this experience will look outstanding on your child's future college resume. Faustini's provides all of our Leadership Members with a recommendation letter upon upon applying to college.



* The FIMA Leadership Program is open to students enrolled in our Martial Arts Curriculum. Students participating in the leadership program must be the rank of yellow belt or above. The program meets every Monday from 6:00 to 6:30. As a member of the Leadership team, members learn additional curriculum, wear a specific leadership uniform and study the FIMA Black Belt and Leadership Modules. The cost of the Leadership Team is an additional $50 per month. Cost of uniform is also $50.