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Martial Arts and Self-Defense at FIMA

The tactical mixed martial art system taught at FIMA is referred to as "Heiho Shin Do." This system focuses on teaching realistic self-defense and is not sport or competition oriented. Once basic skills are mastered, adults are taught kickboxing techniques, grappling, Judo, Jui-Jitsu, third party protection, and weapons defenses/offenses. Techniques within the system are explosive, effective and efficient. Students are always taught that the situation will always dictate the appropriate response and justifiable use of force. Once developed, this overall tactical mixed martial arts system provides you with a highly dynamic and extremely effective method of realistic self-defense.

A direct result of training in this system is total self improvement by enhancing one's overall physical conditioning, self-empowerment, and assertiveness. Students will experience a dramatic difference in how they look and feel through their training in "Heiho Shin Do."