Frequently Asked Questions

Before you decide on any martial arts school it is important to get answers to the following questions. If you do not see your question posted here, please feel free to call us personally at 201-261-1780 or e-mail us.

martial arts studentsCan I come in and just observe a class?

Yes, of course you (and your child) are invited to sit back and watch our classes in action. However, for safety and security reasons, we ask you to notify the instructor that you are present.

Do you offer a special beginner trial?

Yes, we offer a ONE FREE WEEK TRIAL - there is absolutely no risk and no obligation. Simply try any of our programs for an entire week, then decide. It's as simple as that!

Do you have contracts?

NO, we do not have contracts. Faustini's Institute offers 3 different membership programs: month to month, 6-month, and 12-month.

How much are lessons?

The cost for lessons is dependent on which membership program you select (month to month, 6-month, and 12-month). We discuss these options with you face-to-face so we may thoroughly explain all aspects of our curriculum. Please call us at 201-261-1780 to set up an appointment.

How long are classes?

Little Samurai (4 to 5) are 45 min., children's and young adults are 60 min., and adults are 90 min.

Do you offer beginner classes for children and adults?

Yes, we offer classes especially for beginners whether they are child or adult.

Is there sparring in the children's curriculum?

Sparring is not introduced into the children's curriculum until they achieve high rank and gain a firm foundation in their technique. Sparring is a requirement in our Tae Kwon Do curriculum and necessary to earn a Tae Kwon Do Black Belt. All students wear protective gear and are supervised when sparring.

Are there testing fees?

Yes, testing fees are $35 per student and due the day of the test. Testing occurs a few times per year, depending on rank. Students enrolled in Little Samurai Program (4 to 5) do not have testing fees.

Must I compete in tournaments and travel all over?

No. Faustini's Institute conducts 1 tournament per year in November at River Dell High School in Oradell. Participation is strictly optional for those students wanting to compete in forms (kata) or sparring (kumite) or self-defense. Other tournaments at different locations are available ONLY for those students interested. Tournament competition is NEVER mandatory.

Do you do birthday parties and special events like girl scout and boy scout troops?

Yes, we do children's birthday parties, girl and boy scout troops. It does not matter whether the birthday child is a student or not, our parties are fun for everyone! For girl and boy scout troops we offer customized safety and education programs for all ages. Please call us at 201-261-1780 for more information.